Friday, May 16, 2008

No Quick Fixes

Thanks to all of the folks from APUG and our friends who gave us feedback on the website and the design issues. Most of the issues were an easy fix and all of the ideas were great. Our only remaining issue is keeping everyone happy on the size of the page. Never an easy fix for any designer, I think we have struck upon some ideas we will implement on the next issue. The site is best viewed at 1280x800 and still looks great when smaller. The browser windows allow the whole site to increase and decrease with the window size. What does all of this mean you might say? Well the largest issue we had was a few people who thought the images looked pixelated on their 24" screens. If you open the window up to fill a screen that large the site will follow and become pixelated. Simply decrease the browser size and it will be back to normal.

Again thanks for all the feedback and the great comments everyone sent in. Your help is appreciated and will make the site better for everyone in the future.

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