Monday, September 22, 2008

Art for Obama

Here is your chance to buy art for a cause. I received an email from Whitney Hubbs about a project she is involved in and thought I would pass it on to you. There is some amazing artwork up for grabs from some amazing names. Not all of it is posted on the site yet but check back often. Please nobody bid on the David Maisel. And while your at it loan me a thousand dollars.
Good luck Whitney and friends. Thanks for doing something because you believe in it.

Here are the details.

"Art For Obama" is an online auction of photographs to benefit the

Obama Campaign. The photographs have been donated by the country's 45 most influential and significant Art-Photographers. These photographers have all shown their work in the world's most important museums and galleries. The donated photographs are valued between $800 and $7,000 each.

Click here to see our list of artists: (Please note that the website is NOT yet complete.)

All proceeds will go directly to the Obama Campaign, or to non-profits devoted to helping the Obama campaign.

The auction is scheduled to launch on October 1st, and will run for one week.

We are a group of five friends, all artists, who have gotten together to help Obama because we can't afford to give big donations themselves and because we want to help organize the leaders in our community of artists join forces to help create change. We are all volunteers.


Uta Barth
Nina Berman
Walead Beshty
Elinor Carucci
Lois Connor
Eileen Cowin
Tim Davis
Doug Dubois
Jason Evans Wendy Ewald
Larry Fink
Harrell Fletcher
Stephen Frailey
Andrea Fraser
Jason Fulford
Tierney Gearon
Jim Goldberg
Frank Golke
Emmet Gowin
Katy Grannan
Sharon Harper
Todd Hido
Jeff Jacobson
Eirik Johnson
Ron Jude
Diane Keaton and Marvin Heiferman
Lisa Kereszi
Justine Kurland
Michael Light
Catherine Lord
David Maisel
Laura McPhee
Susan Meiselas
Richard Misrach
Abe Morrel
Carter Mull
Laurel Nakadate
Cathy Opie
Shana & Robert Parke Harrison
Hirsch Perlman
John Pilson
Laurie Simmons
Mike Slack
Alec Soth
Larry Sultan
Peter Sutherland
Hank Willis Thomas
Catherine Wagner
James Welling
Mark Wyse

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