Monday, September 8, 2008


Issue 3 of Fraction is officially up. Please check out our new issue with work from

Donna Ferrato
10013 : Photos of Tribeca

Bill Schwab
22 Landscapes

Holly Lynton
Solid Ground

John Mann
Folded In Place

Samuel Portera

We also have a book review of Bill Wood's Business by Melanie McWhorter and Three Shows in Chicago by Carrie Cooper.

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Group Show Issue 4

Also in Issue 3 is a call for submissions for a group show that will take place in Issue 4 being released in November. Please read the following guidelines carefully. Deviating from these will make the work ineligible.

The theme for the show is Typologies. The typology has become a major part of the history of photography as well as a major force in contemporary photography. We wanted to see what the current state of the typology is and how current artists are using it.
The show will include up to 20 artists and each artist will have 3 pieces of work up, a link to their website (if you have one), and contact information.

Here are the rules for submission:

1. Make sure your work actually falls under the category of Typology. If you have any question at all as to whether or not it does, then it probably doesn't.

2. Send us three images that are 700 pixels on the longest side.

3. Make sure they are in a jpg format. No PSDs no TIFFs no GIFs.

4. Send them in an email to us at Make sure the subject of your email is Group Show. Please include your name, website address (if you have one) and an email address where you can be reached.

5. The deadline for submission is October 10th. We will decide on the final artists by October 15th. Publication of Issue 4 will be in early November.

Good luck and we can't wait to start looking at work.

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