Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The race continues...Canon 5D Mark II

When Canon introduced their 5D camera about 3 years ago, it sold extremely well. It is a 12 megapixel full frame camera that was somewhat affordable. If I recall, it was $3000. It took Nikon 3 years to introduce their first full frame 12 megapixel camera, the D3, at a cost of $5000.

Then Nikon, went for the knock-out by introducing the D700, which is basically a smaller version of the D3. The price is $3000. The Nikon's humongous selling point was the very high and usable ISO settings. An ISO setting of 3200 prints perfectly.

Anyway, 3 years in the digital camera age is something like dog years. It's a very long time for a camera to be around. Well today, Canon announced their 5D Mark II which is a 21 megapixel full frame camera that also shoots 1080p quality video.

Canon Technical Advisor Chuck Westfall tells PDN Magazine "because of the improvements to the sensor and the Digic 4 image processor this is going to be the highest image quality of any EOS digital SLR ever released," and "image quality from the 5D Mark II should even surpass what is offered from Canon's flagship 1Ds Mark III, a camera which costs approximately $5,000 more."

The internet is buzzing about this camera. DPReview is tearing itself apart in the Canon and Nikon forums. PDN Pulse (if you are not reading this daily, you should be) has a lot of great info on the camera. Also, the camera is available for pre-order at Calumet and Amazon.

The price? How about $2699 right now ! This will certainly cause Nikon to knock their D700 down to $2200 or less.

Very exciting times.

Read more here.

Side note: the new Canon point and shoot G10 has also been announced. See it here.

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