Sunday, November 30, 2008

Alec Soth - on his photography

Here in a new video interview, Alec talks about shooting film, printing digitally, and making books.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mail Order Film Developers

So I have got some good responses to finding mail order film developers. I am an E-6 man myself but most of these places do C41 as well. Some were more expensive than others (some almost twice as much as others) but all came with high regards from there users. Most of these do from 35mm to 8x10 film.

If anyone else has suggestions keep sending them in and I will add to the list.

I also got some info on packing your film. Some suggested wrapping the film in bubble wrap before putting it in the envelope to keep the temperature down in transit. Does this work? I have no idea, but I do worry about my film sitting in a UPS truck in the middle of the summer.

Photo Craft Imaging - Denver Colorado

Praus Productions - Rochester New York

E Six Lab - Atlanta Georgia

Denver Digital Imaging Center - Denver Colorado

Digi Graphics- Fort Collins Colorado

Calypso Imaging - Santa Cruz California

A and I - Los Angeles California


In the past few days alone we have received numerous emails asking about our submission policy. While we are sincerely humbled that so many of you want to take place in our venture, I guess it is time that we clear up the actual submission policy so I can stop answering emails one by one.

We don't accept unsolicited submissions. While I love to look at photos and do for hours every day, it clogs up our email box and I don't like to open things when I don't know what they are. You can send us a link to your website. I try to look at most but since this is not a paying gig I still have a regular job, make art, and don't always have the time. Also note that if you do send us a link you are automatically added to our email list.

We do however have more group shows, a few themed issues, and even some more guest curators coming up in the next six months. All of our calls for work will be announced here on the blog.

Melanie McWhorter's "Dress Show" is in the works and should be added to the site in the next couple of weeks. Keep an eye out for it as she had a lot of submissions to choose from.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the magazine over the last four issues and most of all thanks to all of you who have looked at the magazine, signed up for our email list, and commented on the site.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

SDN is appalled.

We received this email this morning from the newly founded Social While I can agree with their disgust that Digital Railroad has basically taken the money and ran (provided there was any left), I find the sentence "a tremendous loss to our visual culture" a bit much. First of all, if the customers did not have a back up of their own, well, then... I would never let anyone else store the only copy of a digital file. That is just bad practice. Hard drives are cheap these days. While it was a collection, it was only dictated and directed by business practices. Second of all while this appears to be a lament for the customers of Digital Railroad it comes off like an advertisement.
Just my two cents.
Here is the actual email.

", a new documentary website for photographers, today expressed its deep concern over the loss of hundreds of thousands of images that had been stored on Digital Railroad Inc.-the online photo storage, web hosting, and stock photo sales company. According to a statement posted last week on the website of Diablo Management, a firm managing the foreclosure of Digital Railroad Inc, all of the images had been "destroyed, recovery is not possible." (

"The wanton destruction of such a large collection of photographs is a tremendous loss to our visual culture," said Glenn Ruga, founder.

"If the recent experiences of cultural preservation can provide any guidance, it was the destruction of the original Penn Station in New York, which created the modern historic preservation movement. We hope that in time, the world will come to see that the destruction of this collection of images is a travesty and hopefully the beginning of awareness, sensitivity, and regulations about the reckless destruction of intellectual property in our newly created digital culture," said Ruga.

Diablo Management reports that the hardware for Digital Railroad will be sold to the highest bidder now that the online digital files of photographers-- who have come to rely on Digital Railroad to store, display, and sell their images-have been erased.

"Digital Railroad's treatment of photographers who relied on their service is disgraceful," said Ruga. "According to Diablo Management, Digital Railroad will still invoice and collect fees from users until December 19 but it is unlikely that many photographers will receive money duly owed to them." was launched in late October at the Photo District News/PhotoPlus Expo in New York City. The website features documentary photography from around the world-images and words that are devoted entirely to exploring humanity, culture, and societies through the documentary form.

The goal of the site is to connect and inform societies around the world through photography and is a resource for teachers, students, policymakers, photo editors, and consumers."

Monday, November 24, 2008

Carl's Darkroom has left the building.

For years here in Albuquerque, Carl's Darkroom has been my film processor. Yesterday was the final day of Carl's. Now in the past I have done a fair amount of research into having my film shipped off via UPS and developed elsewhere. I couldn't ever seem to bring myself to do it for two reasons 1) I like to shop locally if possible and monetarily feasible and 2) I really loved picking up my medium format and especially my 4x5 color slides there and musing at them on the enormous light table.

So I imagine there have been a lot of you out there who have experienced the same thing. Your processor closed its doors and you had to find somewhere else. I also imagine it is going to be happening more and more in the future. In the spirit of that I want to know if any of you out there have a place where you ship your film off to that does a good job and is not over the top expensive.

Drop their link into a comment or email us here at and I will put together the list in a nice organized way and post it back up to the blog so you all can copy and paste and save yourself some work later on or maybe find a cheaper and better place to get your film done.

Thanks in advance.

PDN Photo Annual Contest

PDN is sponsoring their yearly contest. This year proves to be a big one with an amazing list of judges. $45 dollar entry fee and the deadline is December 19th.

Go here for more details..

Sunday, November 23, 2008

LACDA Competition

Call for Entries


Rebecca Morse Associate Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)
Peter Frank Senior Curator, Riverside Art Museum, THE Magazine Critic
Rex Bruce Artist, Curator, Director L.A. Center for Digital Art

Enter our juried competition for digital art and photography. Entrants submit three JPEG files of original work. All styles of artwork and photography where digital processes of any kind were integral to the creation of the images are acceptable. The competition is international, open to all geographic locations. The selected winner recieves 10 prints up to 44x60 inches on canvas or museum quality paper (approximately a $1500-$2000 value) to be shown in a solo exhibition in our main gallery from January 8-31, 2009. The show will be widely promoted and will include a reception for the artist.

Second place prizes: Five second place winners will receive one print of their work up to 24x36 inches ($150-$200 in value) to be included in upcoming group shows. Second place winners will be scheduled into group shows within twelve months of announcement of winners. Consideration is given to placing these works in shows appropriate to their style, genre and/or content. These shows will be widely promoted and will include a reception for the artists.

Special consideration will be given to all entrants for inclusion in future shows at LACDA. Entrants to our competitions form the pool of artists from which exhibits are curated, many entrants from past competitions have already been included in our exhibits.

Deadline for entries: December 15, 2008
Winners announced: December 22, 2008
Exhibit Dates: January 8-31, 2009

Registration fee is $30US (three images).
Multiple entries permitted, additional $30 entry fee for each three images.

Direct link to registration:

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Through the Lens in Santa Fe

Tomorrow night in Santa Fe is the "Though the Lens" opening.

The Photo Archives at the Palace of the Governors/New Mexico History Museum, Museum of New Mexico, Department of Cultural Affairs opens its first major photography exhibition in 25 years. Through the Lens: Creating Santa Fe will open to the public on Friday, November 21, 2008 with a reception, hosted by the Women’s Board, from 5 – 7 PM. Co-curated by Mary Anne Redding, Curator of Photography at the Palace of the Governors and independent curator, educator, and photographer, Krista Elrick, Through the Lens: Creating Santa Fe is part of the city wide celebration of the 400th anniversary of Santa Fe as well as the centennial of the Museum of New Mexico.

The Museum of New Mexico Press is publishing a book of the same name to be released at the end of January 2009 with essays by Frances Levine, Lucy Lippard, Andrew Lovato, Siegfried Halus, David Noble, Rina Swentzell, and Mary Anne Redding.

Jonas Bendiksen and Philip Gourevitch

At Aperture. Here is the press release..

Join us for an important conversation between Magnum photographer Jonas Bendiksen and noted author Philip Gourevitch. Their discussion will focus on the subject of Bendiksen's recent and remarkable book, The Places We Live, which documents life in slums around the world.

Monday, November 24, 6:30 p.m.


Aperture Gallery

547 West 27th Street, Fl.4
between 10th & 11th avenues
New York, New York

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Life and Google

For those of you who have not already heard, Google and Life have teamed up to produce an online archive of over a million unpublished images from the Life archive. I spent a little time this afternoon perusing this site and while many of the images were unpublished for a reason, there are also some real gems in here. I would definitely recommend taking the time to wade through the site and find your own favorites.
If anyone can figure out how to search it through CoolIris, let me know.
Thanks to Google and Life for putting this up and making it free.
See it here.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

MOCP and Michael Wolf

As we host one of Chicago's own, Jason Salavon, here in Albuquerque tonight it seems only right that we should talk about art in Chicago. Here is the latest lowdown for the Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College.

Voyeurism, Skyscrapers and Cubicles: Experience The Transparent City and Work/Place at MoCP

Michael Wolf: The Transparent City and the group exhibition Work/Place are on view now! Plan your visit today.

LECTURE: Michael Wolf
Thursday, November 20, 6:30pm @ Ferguson Lecture Hall, 600 S. Michigan Ave.

In his recent Transparent City series, Michael Wolf photographs Chicago architecture and examines the people that inhabit these buildings. Join us for a lecture by the Hong Kong-based artist, sponsored by the Photography Department’s Lectures in Photography series.

Thursday, November 20, 5-7 pm at MoCP

Please join us as we celebrate the opening of Michael Wolf: The Transparent City and Work/Place.

Friday, November 21, 12:30pm at MoCP

Please join exhibition curator Natasha Egan and exhibiting artists Mary Ellen Strom, Ann Carlson, and Karen Yama for a tour of Work/Place.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Radius Books Party !!!

Darius Himes, editor, publisher, photographer, writer, conversationalist, and friend, emailed me to let me know about the Radius Books one year anniversay party.

From Darius:
"Our ONE YEAR Anniversary celebratory party happens in Santa Fe! All eight of our 2008 titles will be available at special discount, along with a hot new Radius Books bag. Place: Union Protectiva Hall at 345 Camino del Monte Sol (just off Canyon Road at Acequia Madre). Time: 6-8 pm. All are welcome!"

So, if you have time after the Through the Lens party, head on over and say hi to Darius.

Also, visit Radius Books.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jason Salavon at UNM

This coming Tuesday, November 18th, Jason Salavon will be giving a lecture at the University of New Mexico as part of the Robert Heinecken Memorial Lecture series. The lecture series will also include Alec Soth in February.
The talk will take place in Mitchell Hall room 122 at 5:00 pm. If you have never seen his work, most definitely check it out and if you are in the area please stop by.

Friday, November 14, 2008

John Mann is a hey hot shot contender

John Mann, who was featured here in Issue 3, has now been selected as a Hey Hot Shot contender.

Congrats and good luck to John.

See it here...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

JupiterMedia "Oops! Our bad!"

Jupiter Media who was recently purchased by Getty Images has issued a statement correcting what it had recently published as their 3rd quarter losses. Earlier reports were 2.1 million down. The correction is 42.1 million down. Seriously folks, that is more than a mistake.

Read the rest here.

The New Yorker reviews William Eggleston

The November 17 issue of The New Yorker has a kind review of the latest photography show at the Whitney, “William Eggleston: Democratic Camera, Photographs and Video, 1961-2008".

As expected from The New Yorker, the review is art word heavy and articulate.

My favorite sentence from the reviewer is:
"Synthetic gorgeousness iconizes pictures that flaunt the nonchalance of snapshots."

I do enjoy Eggleston's work and the review is well done.

Read it here...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jo Whaley in Santa Fe

Jo Whaley Opening Friday, November 7, 2008 5-7 pm at photo-eye Gallery
Artist's Reception and Booksigning

photo-eye Gallery announces an exhibition of photographs by Jo Whaley celebrating the release of her new monograph, Theater of Insects published by Chronicle Books.

The reception and signing will be held at our Santa Fe gallery located at 376 Garcia Street from 5-7 pm. The exhibition continues through January 10, 2009. Also on display will be photographs by Linda Connor.

Jo Whaley's exhibition The Theater of Insects is also now on display at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, DC. That exhibit will then travel to the Museum of Photographic Arts (MoPA) in San Diego, CA.

Ms. Whaley will be presenting a lecture Thursday, November 6th at 6 PM at Tipton Hall, College of Santa Fe. For a complete list of the Lecture Series click here. She will also be lecturing Thursday, November 20th, At the J-school Located at the North Gate Hall of the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. Go to for driving directions and public transportation.

The gallery hours are 10am to 5pm, Tuesday-Saturday.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Well ladies and gentlemen, Issue 4 of Fraction is up for viewing. We had a few minor hiccups at the last minute but all turned out well.

Issue 4 includes work by
Richard Renaldi
Adrienne Salinger
David Eisenlord
Suzanne Revy
Norman Mauskopf

The Typologies Group Show featuring 20 artists.

A conversation with Richard Renaldi by Joerg Colberg
A review of National Geographic's latest book offering Visions of Paradise

In the next few days we will be adding another review by Melanie McWhorter
and look for her Dress Show to be added in early December.

As always, thanks for looking and thanks for your support.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mark Mothersbaugh at LACDA

I really, really, really hate it when you get something via email for an opening that is taking place on the same day a thousand miles away. Especially when I am actually interested in it.
Los Angeles Center for Digital Art has or should I say had an opening tonight for Mark Mothersbaugh and some of his photos. They are up until December 6th so go check them out.
Here's the press...

-"Beautiful Mutants"

We are opening an exhibit of altered antique photographs by Mark Mothersbaugh (L.A. icon, DEVO founder/singer, movie composer) tonight. His art making actually predates and propelled his music projects. The reception tonight is Thursday Nov. 6, 7-9pm, he will in attendance - should be a great evening.

Come meet Mark Mothersbaugh!-

See what I mean. You would have gone too.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Coming soon...Issue 4

Well as you all probably can see the posts have lagged off a little bit which can only mean one thing, Issue 4 is in the works and frankly the blog can wait.

We have five new artists this time, the Typologies group show with twenty artists,
one and possibly two book reviews, as well as a few other surprises.

We will be up and running on the 10th so don't forget to check it out. As always, if you want to join our mailing list, only for the purpose of being notified of new issues, please send us an email to and type subscribe.

A New Day

Congratulations to our soon to be President Mr. Barack Obama. He has proven that things can change. May we all get behind him now and try and change this country for the better.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Ladies and gents, get out there and do your duty.

If you don't, you are not allowed to celebrate or complain for the next four years.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Things are strange indeed.

Humble Arts has the opening of the "Things Are Strange" exhibition this week.

Here's the fine print.

"Things Are Strange curated by Jon Feinstein

Humble Arts Foundation is pleased to present Things Are Strange, a group exhibition featuring the works of eighteen photographers whose images explores the peculiar, idiosyncratic, and often absurd elements of the contemporary world, using them as a metaphor for the current state of social and political affairs.

The artists featured in the exhibition include Matthew Baum, Dan Boardman, Michael Buhler-Rose, Trey Edwards, Emiliano Granado, William Lamson, David LaSpina, Alison Malone, Rachelle Mozman, Eric Percher, Cara Phillips, Matthew Porter, Amy Stein, Brad Troemel, Christian Weber, Hannah Whitaker, Sarah Wilmer, and Ofer Wolberger

Humble Arts Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that works to advance the careers of emerging fine-art photographers by way of exhibition and publishing opportunities, limited-edition print sales, twice–annual artists grants, and educational programming.

Exhibition on view Tuesday, November 4–Saturday, November 15, 2008
Exhibition opening: Thursday, November 6, 6:00–9:00 p.m.
Press preview: 4:00–6:00 p.m.
Gallery Hours: Tuesday–Saturday, 11:00 a.m.–6:00p.m.

New Century Artists
530 West 25th Street #406
New York, NY 10001


C/E Train to 23rd Street"

Polling Place Photo Project

The New York Times is sponsoring the Polling Place Photo Project. Anyone can participate. That means you. Put it on your resume.
So get out there. Photograph the lines, photograph the location, or whatever else says Election to you.
Most importantly, get out there and VOTE! Make a difference.