Monday, November 24, 2008

Carl's Darkroom has left the building.

For years here in Albuquerque, Carl's Darkroom has been my film processor. Yesterday was the final day of Carl's. Now in the past I have done a fair amount of research into having my film shipped off via UPS and developed elsewhere. I couldn't ever seem to bring myself to do it for two reasons 1) I like to shop locally if possible and monetarily feasible and 2) I really loved picking up my medium format and especially my 4x5 color slides there and musing at them on the enormous light table.

So I imagine there have been a lot of you out there who have experienced the same thing. Your processor closed its doors and you had to find somewhere else. I also imagine it is going to be happening more and more in the future. In the spirit of that I want to know if any of you out there have a place where you ship your film off to that does a good job and is not over the top expensive.

Drop their link into a comment or email us here at and I will put together the list in a nice organized way and post it back up to the blog so you all can copy and paste and save yourself some work later on or maybe find a cheaper and better place to get your film done.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. JS: You may not know that my company, DigiGraphics, bought Carl's darkroom. While we are located in Fort Collins, Colorado, we have set up a film drop with Victoria at Desert Photo (located in the same building as was occupied by Carl's). We cover shipping fees to and from Desert Photo. We have maintained Carl's prices for walk in customers. (Mail-in prices are slightly less).

    DigiGraphics has been in business since 1977, serving the professional and commercial imaging market. We run E6 on the same Refrema equipment used by Carl's, and were a highly rated Kodak Q-Lab for as long as Kodak supported that program.

    I know it's hard to see a local lab close and face starting a relationship over again. If you are searching for a lab, we'd be pleased to be on your list. We have been working with many people from Albuquerque since we took over in November. We'd be happy to provide you with a reference in Albuquerque should you inquire.

    The only thing we can't help with is the big light table!

    Go to for E6 processing rates and order sheets. Go to for information about the various services we provide in addition to film processing.

    BTW: Calls made to Carl's Darkroom number, 505-888-4505, are forwarded to DigiGraphics. There is no toll for calling.

    We hope to see you join the others from Albuquerque who have come to us through Carl's Darkroom. Gail was very concerned about the impact of her closing on her loyal clientele... she made this arrangement with DigiGraphics in hopes of making the transition to another quality lab as easy as possible.

    Feel free to call or email me for more information.

    Les De Moss
    Founder, DigiGraphics LLC