Monday, December 1, 2008

Emerging Photographers Auction

Daniel Cooney Fine Art in New York is hosting an online auction of prints by twenty five emerging artists. The reserves for the auction are set at $200 so you can get some great work by some promising new artists for a song. Check out the auction at here.

Included in the auction is a print by Laura Noel, featured in the Typologies Group Show.

Also included are Cara Phillips, Will Steacy, Caroline Allison, Brett Bell, Samantha Contis, Jade Doskow, Max Dworkin, Omar Gamez , Nicholas Hamilton, Oded Hirsch, Noah Kalina, Conor King, Orrie King, Katie Kingma, Aaron Kreisworth, Michael Kwiecinski, Oz Lubling, Avery McCarthy, Dana Miller, Mark Rubenstein, Haley Jane Samuelson, Brea Shoulders, Asha Schecter, Matthew Schenning

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