Monday, December 15, 2008

Seoul International Photo Festival 2008

Running from December 13th to January 15th 2009, the Seoul International Photo Festival will take place in the Ancient Seoul Station. The main exhibition theme is "Humanscape" and features the work of over 50 international artists. There are many other exhibitions as well including a 5x7 exhibition of photos in which anyone could participate. (the call for photos is already done, I checked.) A good portion of the main exhibition is online, albeit small jpegs, but you at least get the idea.

Visit the site here

I found this paragraph in the greeting for the festival and I thought it worth noting.

"Public awareness about photography has grown a lot recently. With the developing internet culture and popularization of digital cameras, photography is considered a very familiar media. The public desire towards art photography is stronger than ever and the development of the photographic market is one of the clear changes in Korea's photographic culture. Looking at it from a positive perspective, the quantitative growth could expand the base of amateur and professional photographers that produce and consume photography, or it could just stop with a simple quantitative growth. If the quantitative growth of the culture is not developed in terms of quality, then the potential of Korean photography and photographic culture will not materialize."


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