Friday, January 2, 2009

For Mature Audiences Only: Expiration Notice

There is a new blog and website for emerging photographers. I know what you're thinking. Great. Another site for people under the age of 25 or maybe 30. Oh boy.

Well, hang on to your shorts kids because if you were born after 1974, you're ineligible. Yep, this new site is for photographers over the age of 35. Cool.

It's called Expiration Notice and I think it's a damn good idea. Just because you're old, doesn't mean you're not emerging.

No matter your age, check it out.

I wish Stan and Mark all the best.


  1. Sounds like a great idea. I'm 47, and have 27 years large format under my belt (31 years if you count 35mm). While I don't like being called old I am getting sick and tired of seeing all these young kids, with no talent, or any idea of what photography is all about or its history, being praised by the "art" community. If I see another photo of a depressed kid and their stupid friends with nothing going on in their lives I'll puke. I saw a "kid" (in his 20s) showing his work outside a "bread store chain" here in Phoenix over the summer. I asked him about his work. I asked him what kind of paper he printed on. He said he didn't know... "Fuji something, I think" was the reply I got. He asked if I was a photographer and I told him yes. He asked what kind of camera I used. I told him 8x10 and 11x14. He then showed me some prints and said they were 11x14 (print size). I had to explain to him that my FILM was 11x14" and that I developed it myself and printed it in a darkroom. He said "You still use film?" I can't take this stuff any more.

  2. In response to the comment from rcoda I would like to say that I hope your negativity helps in your photography because you have a lot of it. I fall in the group between 25 and 30 and although I definitely use digital I still know what kind of medium I print my photos on and not everyone in that age group has always used digital. I learned on an old Canon A-1 and developed my own pictures in a old bathroom in my parents basement. I agree that there are a lot of talentless people out there but I don't think that talent is reserved for the old. And by the way there's nothing wrong with digital. Digital just leaves more room for creativity.