Thursday, April 23, 2009

At PhotoLucida

David asked if I would write a few posts from PhotoLucida in Portland, Oregon. I arrived yesterday via Oakland, CA which took me for the first time over the awe-inspiring view of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The range went on for miles and at many of the bases I could see aerial geometrical shapes formed by farmlands below. I took photos from the plane window which I might post later. They are no David Maisel images, but very lovely, nonetheless. Upon arriving in Portland, I took the shuttle to the hotel filled with reviewers and two photographers, Aline Smithson and Susan Burnstine, hitched a ride. I will review Aline's work later today.

This morning I sit in my hotel room, preparing to review twelve portfolios for the day. Altogether, I will officially review 48 portfolios. I hope I will be able to post some of the photos that strike me as the event goes on.

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