Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Exposure Project - Issue 4

For those of you who still love to look at photography in a hand holdable form, Ben Alper and the Exposure Project are back with a new installment.....

The Exposure Project is pleased to announce that Issue 4 of The Exposure Project Book
will be available for purchase in the middle of July.

The Exposure Project Book - Issue 4
July 2009

Includes photographs by Chris Bentley, Rona Chang, Daniel Farnum, Elizabeth Fleming, Lee Gainer, Matthew Genitempo, Inka Lindergård & Niclas Holmström, Natascha Libbert, Bradley Peters, Carlo Van de Roer, Daniel Shea, Manuel Vazquez, Jens Windolf, Susan Worsham and Bahar Yurukoglu

With an essay by Brian Ulrich

The book is being released in both regular and special editions. You can find more specific edition information here.

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