Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mail Order Film Developers part 2

Quite a while back I posted on having your film, C41 or E-6, sent out to be developed as the availability for medium and large format developing is dwindling. Recently in Santa Fe I came across another place, Visions Photo Lab, who still develops both and does quite a good job. I just had three rolls of medium format E-6 done and they did a wonderful job for about $7 a roll with tax. I thought I would add them to the list and re-list the rest in case anyone is interested.

Visions Photo Lab - Santa Fe, New Mexico

Photo Craft Imaging - Denver Colorado

Praus Productions - Rochester New York

E Six Lab - Atlanta Georgia

Denver Digital Imaging Center - Denver Colorado

Digi Graphics- Fort Collins Colorado

Calypso Imaging - Santa Cruz California

A and I - Los Angeles California

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