Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Un-Natural Nature of Food: New Group Show on Fraction

Many of my friends tend to cringe when I start talking about my copy of How to Survive in the Wilderness and my reasoning about eating meat -- "If I can't kill it, I should not eat it". With books like The Omnivore's Dilemma or Fast Food Nation, and films like Food, Inc., it's clear this pattern of thinking is happening on a broad scale, and I am perhaps more susceptible to suggestion than I like to think.-- from the curator's statement, The Un-Natural Nature of Food

I am pleased to present my second group show with Fraction Magazine, titled The Un-Natural Nature of Food. Curating for this show and the previous Dress Show for the internet has some of the same restrictions associated with a physical location, but also allows for more interactive dialogue rarely afforded in a three-dimensional space. The curator adds another layer of meaning to the works by placing them in context with other pieces. I am appreciative to all the photographers who graciously submitted images into my hands.

This exhibit includes the work of

Jonathan Blaustein
Micah Beree
John Cranford
Adrain Chesser
Jake Chessum
Jason Demarte
Dornith Doherty
Jonathan Feinstein
Taj Forer
Cynthia Greig
Gabriela Herman
Hin Chua
Jason Houston
Melissa Kaseman
Erika Larsen
Ben Lerman
Amanda Lucidon/The Press Enteprise
Paho Mann
Justin Maxon
Mark Menjivar
Kevin Miyazaki
Dan Nelken
Colleen Plumb

Susana Raab
Paul Salveson
Lex Thompson
Jerry Uelsmann
Brian Ulrich
Nicholas Vroman
Natalie Young

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