Saturday, August 15, 2009

Design a book

©Philippe McClelland

For those of you looking for something different to do besides constantly taking photographs, Talenthouse is holding a contest to design a book for renowned photographer Philippe McClelland. I didn't read the fine print very carefully so I don't know if there is anything beyond bragging rights as a prize.

"One of the leading icons in photography, Philippe McClelland, has created captivating images of celebrities such as Denzel Washington and James Brown and has worked with Virgin, Levi's, CBS, Sony and others. His work has established his name firmly in the entertainment and fashion industries.

Philippe is currently developing a book of photographs from his illustrious career and is extending an invitation to your readers to submit concepts for a unique layout and design.

This is all made possible by Talenthouse (, a new platform that gives artists the ability to create, collaborate and liberate. Photography industry innovators have developed unique 'Creative Invites' for their community all housed under Talenthouse."

1 comment:

  1. Sounds interesting, but kinda heavy with the promo-speak, aren't they?

    A "renowned" "illustrious" "leading icon"? I'd hate to be a trailing icon, that's for sure.