Friday, September 18, 2009

Fraction is always looking for new work

In OUR never ending effort to look for new work, we come across a lot of photos and photographers that we think are great. However, with the publishing schedule and limited space in each issue, we don't always get to show some of the great work we come across.

In an effort to change our ways and to turn you, the viewer, on to some great new photos and photographers we have come up with the solution. Each week we will each post a photo on the blog that we can't get enough of.

How will we find that photo you might ask? We will pick a new photo each week from the Fraction Magazine group on Flickr. Just post your photo in the Fraction Magazine group and David and I will do the rest. Each person can upload one photo per week just to keep things on the fair side and we have to approve the photos before they can be entered in the group. This is in no way any form of censorship but just an emergency precaution.

Why Flickr? It is a simple, easy, and efficient way for us to look through photos without bogging down our email boxes.

Every Monday David and I will post our favorite with the photographer's name and website if available. The pool will also become an interesting resource for all of us to discover new and interesting work.

Remember it is free to join Flickr if you are not already a member, so there is no fees involved of any kind. Just a free chance to get your work out there to be seen.

David and I will start our picks on Monday September 28th.


  1. Perhaps "David's and my" is better than "David and I's" in your first sentence. At least you certainly did try!