Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Most photographed landmarks

I came across a report generated by four scientists from Cornell University using the geo-tagging of photographs in Flickr. Taking the data from over thirty five million photographs, they were able to discern certain patterns, like movement of photographers around the city of New York and San Francisco, or the most photographed landmarks.
Now while most of the sites did not surprise me that much, what did surprise me was the 5th most photographed landmark in New York and the 28th most photographed in the world. The Chrysler Building? The Empire State building? Yankee Stadium? Hell no. It is the mid-town Manhattan Apple store. That’s right.

If it is new, shiny, and made by Apple, we’ll not only buy it but we’ll photograph the hell out of it. *(see Mac Book Wheel)

Here is a peek at the list.

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