Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Photo Services

I rarely print my own color work anymore. Between all of the other things going on and the cost of (un-named company here) inks, I print test prints here at the house for editing and critiques. When it comes to final prints I generally outsource it. This can be an extremely frustrating experience. Every lab has a different profile and so on. It took me a while to even find a lab that would print and develop film for me.

I won't go into my own lab and my experiences with them because yours could end up being very different. I will however pass on an extremely long list of imaging services I came across in my search.

What did I find in my search, besides some really outdated websites? Some labs do it all, developing and printing, while some specialize in one or the other. Prices vary quite a bit and hopefully it has something to do with quantity and quality. Some labs provide profiles of their printers and some don't.

Hope this helps some of you. -js

The Print Space - UK
DPI - San Francisco, CA
Replicolor - Salt Lake City, UT
A and I - Hollywood, CA
ABC Photocolour- Vancouver, BC
Advance Photo Labs - Ardsley, NY
Argentum Photo Lab - Hollywood, CA
Ascent Photo and Imaging - Colorado Springs, CO
Calypso Imaging - Santa Cruz, CA
Chau Digital - London, UK
Click Imaging - UK
My Photo Pipe - Atlanta GA
Cox Custom Black and White - Rancho Cordova, CA
Denver Digital Imaging - Denver, CO
Dickerman Prints - San Francisco, CA
Digicraft - Portland, OR
Digi Graphics - Fort Collins, CO
Diversified Lab - St. Louis, MO
Deborah Reinhard - New York, NY
Duggal Visual Solutions - New York, NY
E-6 Lab - Atlanta, GA
Pro Lab Digital - Los Angeles, CA
Film Rescue International - Fortuna, SD
Color Folio - Sebastopol, CA
The Light Room - Berkeley, CA
Garden State Color - Hammonton, NJ
Giant Photo Service - San Diego, CA
Art Resource Technology - Bend, OR
Hance Parners Inc. - Flagstaff, AZ
ICL Imaging - Framingham, MA
Kalamazoo Color Lab - Kalamazoo, MI
Light Works - Winooski, VT
Light Box Inc - East Dundee, IL
Reed Photo Imaging - Denver, CO
Linhoff Photo - Minneapolis, MN
Meisel - Carrollton, TX
Mighty Imaging - Scottsdale, AZ
MV Labs -New York, NY
North Coast Photographic - Carlsbad, CA
Rocky Mountain Film - Aurora, CO
Photo Craft Imaging - Boulder, CO
The Photo Shoppe - Lincoln, NE
Photo Tech Labs - Richmond, VA
Praus Productions - Praus, NY
The Print Lab - Chicago, IL
Prism Studios - Roseville, MN
Reedy Photo - St. Petersburg, FL
Richmond Camera - VA
River City Silver - San Antonio, TX
The Color Group - Seattle, WA
The C Lab - New York, NY
The Finer Image - St. Danvers, MA
Total Chrome - Davie, FL
VIP Photo Lab - Bethlehem, PA
Watts Digital Imaging - Santee, CA
Black and White Lab - Prescott, AZ
Weldon Color Labs - Los Angeles, CA
White House Custom Color - Eagan, MN
Putnam Imaging - Danbury, CT
Still River Editions - Danbury, CT
Panopticon Imaging - Hingham, MA
Color Services - Needham, MA (still does 8x10 E-6)


  1. I'm really happy with West Coast Imaging, who make my digital c-prints...

  2. Thanks Kevin. If anyone else has any they would like to add to the list, please do.

  3. Hi,

    I wouldn't put the Finer Image in Danvers, MA in the same league as a professional-level commercial lab. They're more geared toward servicing amateurs and consumers with family snapshots.

    My personal favorite lab for traditional black & white and digital color printing is Panopticon Imaging in Hingham, MA:

    The owner is an incredibly talented master printer who is very customer focused and collaborative in his approach. I honestly cannot imagine working with anyone else to print my or process my film. And believe me, I am very nitpicky about quality and I used to work for a pro lab (the now defunct Zona Photo Labs in Cambridge).

    Also: if you ever want/need an LVT neg made, they are definitely the place to go. I've had absolute horrible experiences with LVT negs prior to having them do it.

    Note: they work with clients around the world, not just those in the NE area.

    For E6 & C-41 film processing, I suggest Color Services in Needham, MA:

  4. Thanks for the additions. I somehow forgot Color Services and I just used them a few weeks ago as they are one of the few places that I could find to develop 8x10 E-6.
    I agree that some of these places may not be up to par for fine art work. It all depends on what your final needs are. I would suggest thoroughly researching any of these places before you use them. Some will even do a small test print for you at no charge when you become a new client.