Thursday, October 1, 2009

Turn your $2000 DSLR into a $12 camera instantly

That's right. While I am not a big toy camera shooter, I can tell from the amount of images we see here that many of you are. The Lens Baby has been around for years but at a hefty little price tag. Why not just buy a Holga and stick with film? Well now you have a $12 alternative. Well not really $12, you still have to have a Diana lens laying around or buy one (starting at around $40). The really creative among you may well be able to find some things to do with some of your old toy cameras no longer in service. Frankenstein something together and see what happens.
While it may not be the least expensive option it may well be a conversation starter on your D3. It also gives you a little more creative freedom when shooting with exposure time. So get out there and make some fuzzy pics with your really expensive camera!
You can see the the adapters here.

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