Monday, January 18, 2010

Who I reviewed at Review LA

I am way too tired to do a write up about the actual event but I at least wanted to list out those photographers who allowed me to review their work.  So, here is the list, in chronological order.  Please visit their sites to view their work.

Friday Morning:
Tait Simpson
Karen Keating
Richard Man
Sarah Windels
Jerry Neill
Mary Parisi
Enrico Natali
Rainer Hosch

Saturday Morning:
Susan Barnett
Muema Lombe
Michael Butler
David Burnham
Meg Madison
Andrew Ti
Mark Indig
Susan Griffith

Saturday Afternoon:
Enrique Ahumada
Klaus Enrique Gerdes
Lisa Levine
Mitch Kitter
Peter Hassen
Bernd Reinhardt
Tootie Niewnow
Deanna Dikeman

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