Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Carl Zeiss on Canon 5D Mark II

Thanks to Carl Zeiss AG, I now have a 28mm f2 lens on my Canon 5D Mark II camera.  Yes it is manual focus but I seem to be pretty quick with it.

My initial impressions are this lens is extremely well built, feels good in the hands and is beautiful to look at.  It's also a great size for walking around with.

I will post some images and further impressions of the next few days.


  1. I also went with a 5d2 and Zeiss lens to replace the Mamiya 7 I used to shoot with. (Same print size capabilities.) I'm using the 50/1.4. I also bought a split image focusing scren for it.


  2. I have to agree the 50mm lens is absolutely stunning - have to look into a focusing screen - thanks Michael.