Friday, April 9, 2010

Jamey Stillings and The Bridge at Hoover Dam

It's been quite a year for Santa Fe, NM resident Jamey Stillings.

He started photographing the new amazing Bridge at Hoover Dam in March 2009. Just a few short months later, the work appeared in the New York Times Magazine in June 2009.  Then last fall he had a show at Photoeye.  This past March,  Jamey's project took first place for the Center Awards Editor's Choice.  And just now, the work has been featured on NPR's Picture Show.

Check out the website for the project here.  You can also see some of the work on Fraction.

I've had the pleasure of meeting Jamey and actually sat next to him on a flight home from Review LA.  He is incredibly passionate about this work and wants it to go to serious places. Also, I've have seen the photographs in person and they are stunning.

Jamey produced a little Magcloud magazine showing some of the photographs.  It's a terrific little 'zine and something that you should add to your collection.  Buy it here.

Congrats to Jamey and good luck with this project.

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