Saturday, April 10, 2010

Raymond Meeks has a new limited edition book and print

Raymond Meeks is offering up a new limited edition book and print.

From Raymond's website:

"amwell |  continuum"
spring   twenty-ten
dumbsaint editions
volume one  "friends edition"

12 x 9 inches    $66
16 pages {14 b/w,  2 color reproductions}
laser prints on polyester
hand bound.  text by ray meeks

“amwel | continuum” is an artist book/journal which advances the subtle narrative of my most recent artist broadside, “carousel”, while continuing to explore the construct of memory and resolve loss.  it’s only now in the completion of this book, that I recognize a sustained and underlying thread of melancholy, similar to a passing glance in the mirror on your way out the door that reflects the unseemly or the shock of hearing your voice in a recording.  for me, there are delicate moments of joy represented throughout this book,  as well as a kind measure of hope.  there are multiple pairings observed in the layout, perhaps to suggest a lingering in the landscape and to parallel my personal impulse to do so.  in addition, I’ve been compelled to experience and express time beyond chronological sequencing,  the absence of time in the horizontal dimension of past and future.
in the making of books, I’m drawn to the merging of contemporary materials and media with less common and impermanent results.  Nazraeli publisher and friend Chris Pichler has generously offered a broad format laser printer (weighing-in at a hulking 150 lbs.)  I suspect the machine lacks an “energy-star rating” and have found that by shutting down the lights and music and turning down the heat, I can successfully print books without short circuiting the power.  obviously, this limits my printing operation to daylight hours.  however, the printer allows for fine reproductions where toner sits on top of cotton fiber paper and is “fused” creating a wonderful merging of mediums. While my recent publishing efforts may have something to do with deconstructing the “art book” and shifting focus from the beautiful object to honoring content and subject, I am, as many, drawn to tactile experience and a clear expression of the work in book form; using inexpensive materials and common tools while subtracting nothing of quality or value from the piece.

finally, this new book format serves as a model for a bi-monthly journal which I hope to begin work on immediately.  the journal will be published in similar “zine” fashion with conscious attention to subject, content and narrative and will feature collaborations between myself and distinguished contemporary artists.  I hope to create a model and mode of interacting,  photographing and recording which removes my “self” in the service of a more universal genius or creative source.  perhaps, a lofty mission and one that will most certainly evolve, but an undertaking charged with spirited enthusiasm.
as always, I’m deeply grateful and humbled by the support of my generous friends and patrons.  thank you!

To buy the book and print, go to this page and use "friend" as the password

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