Sunday, May 2, 2010

So I spent a few days in Savannah

Sometime back in March, I was invited by Ashley Craig, a photography instructor at the Savannah College of Art and Design who I met at Review Santa Fe, to come and talk to some of the programs undergrad and graduate students and to do portfolio reviews for 14 students.

I arrived in Savannah on Thursday afternoon so that I could go to a talk by David Taylor, who was also in town.  Friday morning I did reviews and then was part of a panel discussion along with Karen Irvine, who is the curator of photography at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago,  Paula Tognorellithe Executive Director of the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA, and Natalie Zelt is the Curatorial Assistant for Photography at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.  I also did reviews on Saturday morning.

During the reviews, I had a continual thought in my head: these students are not only technically competent and savvy, but they can really talk about their work as well.  I was really blown away by the skill set that some of these students have.  I have no doubt some of these students have the real ability to make their mark on the fine art world.

This is the list of whom I reviewed:
Chris Hannant  --
Peter Leix --
James Jackcman --
Mary Quin -- 
Keith Williams -- 
Patty Roger -- 
Eun Sol Choi -- 
Kristen Densmore -- 
Daniel George --
Greer Muldowney

(If I am somehow missing someone, please let me know).

While there, I was also able to attend SCAD's Silver and Ink student show which was a curated show of 100 photographs.  The quality of work in this show was so good, that I truly believe this could have been an art show in NYC or LA.  Congrats to all of the students who had work in the show.

On Saturday afternoon, I got to spend some time with six or seven grad students, in Starbucks (go figure), where we discussed Fraction, and how to market and brand their own work.  It was a lot of fun connecting with so many fantastic artists.

I would very much like to thank Ashley Craig, Rebecca Nolan and Jenny Kuhla for their very fine hospitality and to Scott Dietrich for great conversation and insight as well as many laughs (don't buy skinny jeans if you are over the age of 21).

All in all, this trip left me with a great impression of Savannah and SCAD, and a really great impression of this photography program.

Who knows, Savannah just might be in my future.


  1. Hi David, it's Jason Wang. Thanks so much for coming to SCAD and giving us your input. Hope you got my email!


  2. Thanks for spending the time with us at Starbucks! All of your feedback was very helpful and a much needed kick in the butt to work on our self-promotion! Hope to see you in Savannah soon!

  3. Thanks for the link, David. And thanks again for visiting.