Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Playing Tour Guide

I've had the pleasure of showing two photographers from Savannah around Albuquerque and Santa Fe.  Meg Griffiths and Eliot Dudik are here on a multi-week photo road trip.  I met them back in April while I was visiting SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) as a lecturer (of sorts) and a portfolio reviewer.

Yesterday, we went to Santa Fe so that they both could see the Photoeye bookstore and to meet the Queen Bee, Melanie McWhorter, but more importantly to see if Photoeye would sell Eliot's new book "The Road Ends in the Water".  And yes, Photoeye will be selling Eliot's book.  Congrats to him.

After Photoeye, I took them over to The Cowgirl Hall of Fame where we met up with Jonathan Blaustein who was in town to go to the Monday night lecturers put on by the Santa Fe Workshops.  We went as well.

Arthur Meyerson, Mary Virginia Swanson and Sam Abell were the lecturers of the evening and it was nice, somewhat educational evening.  Sam Abell talks.  A lot.  Both Meg and Eliot got to chat a little bit with Swannie, who was quite happy to see the four of us.  We were quite happy to see her.

Then about 10pm, we hit the road to come home.

This morning, Eliot and I went out to the Bosque to make some photographs.  He was lugging around his Toyo 4x5 and a bag full of gear while I went lightweight with my carbon fiber tripod and Canon 5D Mark II.  I think somehow, I still made less exposures than Eliot did.

Tonight we are headed to Corrales for an outdoor photo slide show and BBQ with a whole bunch of people I've never met.  My wife and daughter are going as well.  I can't wait to meet more people in the Albuquerque area who are serious about photography and serious about building a community.  Should be a good time.

It's been great getting to know Meg and Eliot.  If you have the time, take a few minutes to check out their websites.

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