Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Classes at Rayko

Spaces in the following Summer classes:

Color Printing, Level 2: Aug 28 & 29, 10-5pm
Plate photography, Aug 21, 10-5:30pm
Pinhole and Plastic Cameras, July 31 and Aug 1 10-5pm
Mural Printing, Aug 22, 10-3pm
Photoshop, lev 1 6:30-9 Aug 2
Adobe Lightroom, 11-5, July 31 and Aug 1
Digital Master Printing, Aug 14 and 15, 10-5pm
High Dynamic Range Imaging and Panoramic Photo
1-7pm, Aug 28 and Aug 29, 11-5
Dig Cameras and Macro Photo, Aug 7 and 8, 10-5pm
Night Photography, Aug 12, 19 and 26th, 6:30-11p

You can also register online here for Fall Classes:

We are also now taking submissions for our Kodachrome show. it is open to all images originally taken on Kodachrome. October 4, 2010 is the submission deadline, and the exhibition date is December 16, 2010. Accepted artists will receive comprehensive information for framed artwork submission, delivery and pick-up dates, etc. In 1935 KODACHROME was released as a 6mm home movie film, then for 35mm cameras in 1936, to huge success. In the summer of 2009, Kodak announced that Kodachrome was being “retired, concluding its 74-year run as a photography icon,” with the final rolls hitting retailers shelves in early September of that year…leaving at least one Bay Area store unable to fill orders on its waitlist, while online “superstores” sold out in a matter of days. In a juried exhibition this December, RayKo Photo Gallery celebrates the life of Kodachrome, considered by many the greatest color film ever made, the subject of popular song, and the only film to have a park named after it (Kodachrome Basin State Park, Utah).

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