Friday, August 27, 2010

Leica say M cameras still alive - really?

Leica has been in touch with the British Journal of Photography.  When asked by BJP to clarify the situation, Leica says that it "has not stopped producing its analogue camera models, the Leica M7 and Leica MP, nor does it currently have any intention to do so."

I say hogwash, but I have a few questions I need to throw out there.

First, if Leica Camera AG owner Andreas Kaufmann really did say "Leica Camera has already ceased production of film cameras" on May 30, why was it not reported by the Japanese press until August 23?

Second, if Mr. Kaufmann really did say this, then why is Leica the company now saying something different?

Third, how come there has not been a denial from Dr. Kaufmann or a retraction / correction by Asahi Camera (as suggested by Mike Johnston)?

I can't answer any of these questions but in light of certain economic conditions and the fact that the M9 (digital) is sold out everywhere and brand new M7's (film) are easily found, I gotta believe that Leica is dedicating all of their efforts towards the digital camera. 

And if I can speculate a bit, I will bet that Leica kills off their regular M film cameras (not their Ala Carte options) within three years.

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