Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Fraction Fund

Fraction Magazine is teaming up with photographer Raymond Meeks to kick of the new Fraction Fund, financial assistance for photographers with incomplete photographic projects.

The concept is this:
Ray has just recently announced "who will stay", the third and final segment of personal journals/artist books, which began with "carousel" and "amwell, continuum".  Together with Fraction, Ray will be offering a limited edition of 50 books which include an original print, signed and editioned.

When the edition sells out, 20 percent of the sale price (approx. $1000), will go towards the Fraction Fund.
We will then do an announcement and a "Call for Submissions".  This will be free to enter.  The photographer will be required to send links (not physical prints, please) and a brief statement about the work and why the funds are needed.  (you do not need to buy the book to enter. you must have a personal website; not flickr, facebook, deviatart, etc). 
The winner be selected by David Bram, awarded approximately $1000 and will be included in an issue of Fraction Magazine.


Info about the book:

Go to and enter "friend" at the login

The print that will be included is 

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