Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fuji GF670W Wide Film Camera

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FUJIFILM Announces the GF670W Professional Medium-format Wide-angle Camera

PHOTOKINA 2010, COLOGNE, GERMANY, September 21, 2010 — FUJIFILM Corporation is pleased to announce the development of a high quality and high efficiency film camera, the GF670W Professional medium-format wide-angle camera as a reference exhibit at Photokina 2010.

Last winter, Fujifilm launched the GF670 Professional equipped with the Fujinon EBC 80mm lens, and the success of this camera led to numerous requests for the production of a series of medium-format wide-angle cameras. The development of the GF670W Professional is Fujifilm’s response to these requests and the latest addition to its lineup of medium-format wide-angle cameras.

Ideal for professional or high-end amateur landscape photographers, the GF670W Professional is a wide-angle camera equipped with the Fujinon EBC 55mm lens that features 6 × 6 and 6 × 7 dual-format shooting for use with 120 and 220 roll film. With its 55mm lens, coupled rangefinder, aperture-priority AE and manual exposure modes, the GF670W Professional produces sharp high quality and wide-angle images. The camera is particularly suited to capturing images of landscapes and the natural environment, and despite being a medium-format wide-angle camera, the GF670W Professional is surprisingly compact perfect for a trip to the great outdoors.

Technical specifications; 
Film: 120 and 220 roll film
6 × 7 (120 - 10 shots/220 - 20 shots), 6 × 6 (120 - 12 shots/220 - 24 shots) 
Lens: F4.5/55mm (8 groups, 10 elements) Shutter: Electronically controlled lens shutter, 4 - 1/500 sec., B 
Exposure control: Aperture priority AE and manual switchover, Exposure
compensation ±2EV by 1/3EV steps, Center weighted averaging metering
Film speed: Manually set, ISO25 - 3200 (1/3EV step accuracy) 
Exposure counter: Mechanical-type counter, 120/220 (switchable), 6 × 7/6 × 6
Battery: Single CR2 (3V) lithium battery

As a leading company in the imaging field, FUJIFILM Corporation will continue to enhance and excite the medium-format camera market, and further contribute to the development of the culture of film photography through the development of its medium-format camera series.


  1. Remember the want/need/afford - pick any 2 - conundrum.

  2. I wonder if they are using the same core/body as the Voigtlander Bessa III?


    Either way they both look fantastic.