Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fraction Holiday Print Sale

Season's Greetings !

I am proud to announce the Third Annual Fraction Magazine Holiday Print Sale!
(click here to see the page)

In an effort to help support the photographers who have been featured on Fraction Magazine,
we are offering you this chance to buy their specially selected prints.
Each photographer has selected the image, the edition, the price, and the size.

100% of the sale goes directly to the photographer !

So before you run to the mall to spend your money at big box corporate stores,
have a look at these photographs, and please consider the lasting gift of great artwork!

As always, thanks for your support of Fraction and its featured artists.

Happy Holidays!
David Bram
Editor and Founder

Here's the List: 
Hollis Bennett, Ellen Rennard, Isa Leshko, David Ondrik, Jonathan Blaustein, Aline Smithson, Tom Griscom, Todd Walker, Tom Leininger, Dalton Rooney, Lydia Panas, Isabelle Pateer, Greg Friedler, Ken Rosenthal, Daniel Shea, Blake Andrews, William Greiner, Kerry Mansfield, Samuel Portera, Suzanne Revy, Jason Houston, Tabitha Soren, Jane Alden Stevens , Jim Stone, Nadia Sablin, Francesca Yorke, Eliot Dudik, Noelle Swan Gilbert, Tom Richardson, Michael Sebastian, Kevin Miyazaki, Susan Hayre Thelwell, Daniel W Coburn, Kathleen Robbins, Beth Yarnelle Edwards, Jeff Rich, Nate Larson, Holly Lynton, Gordon Stettinius, Ian Whitmore, Susan Lynn Smith, Jennifer Ray, Bryan Formhals, Victoria Crayhon, Melanie McWhorter, Matt Slaby, Daryl Peveto, David Walter Banks, Kendrick Brinson, Kevin German, Matt Eich, Noah Beil, Taylor Glenn, Allison V Smith, Norman Mauskopf, Christy Karpinski, Warren Harold, Brad Temkin, Susan Worsham, David J Eisenlord, David Bram

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