Thursday, January 6, 2011

photo-eye Best Books of 2010

photo-eye Best Books of 2010

photo-eye is pleased to announce the arrival of our highly anticipated yearly-feature – Best Books of 2010.  You’ll find the feature and a complete list of books on photo-eye Best Books feature page located in photo-eye Magazine 

For nearly two decades photo-eye has been selecting the best photography books of the year. In the past we sat around the table at Director Rixon Reed's home or in our Santa Fe bookstore debating for hours on topics such as each book's historical importance, how a particular title contributes to the expansion of our understanding of an important photographer's oeuvre or the nature and relevance of the book as object. The features or factors making a book the best for one person are not always the same for another. As the years progressed, the list of nominees and the stack of books to review in one evening made the task of narrowing down the list to a few titles almost impossible. In 2008, photo-eye decided to invite some of our favorite contemporary publishers, writers, photographers and photo professionals to assist us in this process. Their opinions reflect the diversity of the medium. This year's list of contributors offers up the aesthetic tastes of 27 contributors from Europe, the US, Japan and Mexico.

This year’s contributors are Alan Rapp, Alec Soth, Anne Kelly, Antone Dolezal, Bruno Ceschel, Alexa Becker, Colin Pantall, Elizabeth Avedon, Fabrice Wagner, George Slade, Hester Keijser, Joerg Colberg, John Gossage, Larissa Leclair, Laurence Vecten, Loring Knoblauch, Marco Delogu, Martin Parr, Melanie McWhorter, Michael Schmelling, Morten Andersen, Peter Sutherland, Ramón Reverté, Rinko Kawauchi, Timothy Prus & Ed Jones, Todd Hido and Willem van Zoetendaal.
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For more information on the photo-eye Best Books of 2010, please contact: 
Melanie McWhorter,, Book Division Manager, 505.988.5152 x 112
Antone Dolezal,, Managing Editor, photo-eye Magazine, 505.988.5152 x 114

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