Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ACP Public Arts Program

ACP Public Art Project 2011

Atlanta Celebrates Photography (ACP) announces a Request for Artist’s Proposals for its 2011 Contemporary Public Art Project.

ACP produces a Public Art Project as a central component of our month-long, city-wide celebration of photography each October. ACP’s acclaimed program of public art has featured temporary projects in a variety of diverse locations throughout Atlanta. The program’s significance is in its ability to reach beyond the audience of traditional art venues and expand the way the audience considers and perceives photography and “lensbased” media. We are looking for proposals that take advantage of public art’s ability to reach new audiences, and to create an experience that is a dynamic hybrid of art in the public sphere.

Any individual artist or collaboration of artists may enter, provided that the person(s) or firm who will be responsible for the actual fabrication and/or construction of the piece(s) have had previous experience in the medium(s) proposed, which must be disclosed in detail in the application form.

Entry Fee

Media & Materials
No restrictions in terms of materials or media have been established in order to ensure maximum creativity for participating artists. However, since ACP is an organization that promotes all things photographic, it is a requirement that your project involve lens-based media as an integral part of the piece (this includes images and/or video captured by a lens, or media in which light sensitivity is a primary element of the material). We encourage you to think widely and to explore this concept without restraint. Please keep in mind that durability, safety and minimal maintenance needs are absolutely required. Also, it may be helpful to know that ACP owns a 10,000 lumens projector which may be used as a part of a project (proposal would need to consider logistics, power, safety and weatherproofing). However, we are not specifically seeking or favoring projection projects.

The $10,000 budget is all-inclusive, covering design, construction and/or fabrication, transportation, delivery, site preparation, lighting (if applicable), insurance, consultant fees, installation and de-installation at the conclusion of the project. Artist’s travel (if applicable) and all other costs associated with the project (including Artist’s fee) are included in this amount. If the proposed budget exceeds $10,000, artist must detail how the overage will be funded.

Site & Duration
Applicants may propose sites, but should be aware that it is the applicant’s responsibility to obtain permission and access from the proper authorities. Note that Artist should initiate the obtaining of permission during the application process. ACP can assist the artist in securing a site(s) for the project if assistance is needed. If the project is site specific, consideration should also be given to security, projection/viewability, and ambient light issues of a proposed site(s). ACP would like the project to begin in late September/early October 2011 and occur throughout the month of October, but will consider other time durations as they relate to specific projects. Artist should plan to remove the project during the first week of November, 2011.

Submission procedure & Contact Information

All proposed materials must be postmarked by February 28, 2011.
Late proposals will not be accepted – no exceptions.
Submissions should be e-mailed to: info@acpinfo.org, or mailed/delivered to:
ACP, 1135 Sheridan Road, NE, Atlanta, GA  30324.
Applications that are faxed, incomplete, or late will not be accepted.

Artists will be notified of panel recommendations by email.

For the complete details, please visit the ACP website

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