Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thank you to the ACP 13

Sorry this has taken a week to do.

First, thanks to Amy Miller and Michael David Murphy for a wonderful time in Atlanta and a chance to do portfolio reviews as well as to give a talk about Fraction.

Second, a big thanks to the following photographers who wanted their work reviewed by me:
Camille Wright Felton
David Foster
Kathleen Robbins
Ellen Jantzen
Michael W Ellison
Alan Chimacoff
Charles Mintz
Jeff Rich
Max Shuster
Sam Dobrow
Harold Ross
Shawn Rocco
Billy Weeks

I really did enjoy myself and look forward to going back to Atlanta in March 2011 for SPE.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Interview on A Photo Editor

My friend and fellow New Mexico resident Jonathan Blaustein asked me 5 questions, and the answers are now posted on Rob Haggarts' A Photo Editor blog.

The questions and the answers are straight forward and honest and I thank Jonathan and Rob for the opportunity.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thank you ACP

Before I head off the to the airport, I just want to say thanks to Michael David Murphy and Amy Miller as well as to everyone at Atlanta Celebrates Photography for a great weekend.

A detailed write will come tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Earth Now: American Landscape Photographers and the Environment

The New Mexico Museum of Art

Earth Now: American Landscape Photographers

 and the Environment

Greg Mac Gregor, Fuel Tanks, 2006
(Santa Fe, NM - October 12, 2010)—Earth Now: American Landscape Photographers and the Environment offers both a survey and a contemporary view of how artists working in photography have addressed our relationship to the environment, one of the greatest challenges facing us since at least the mid-twentieth century. Using beauty, humor, and horror to engage attention, these photographers provoke questions about the legacy of industry, construction, consumption, and waste disposal while pointing toward new directions such as local farming, new energy source technologies, green roofs, and a renewed connection with the landscapes we inhabit.
Earth Now opens at the New Mexico Museum of Art on April 8, 2011 and will be on view through August 28, 2011. The exhibition opens with suites of images by landscape photographers Ansel Adams and Eliot Porter. As successful artists they also participated in the use of their photographs to promote the establishment and preservation of some of the country’s wilderness areas.
Preceding the April 8, 2011 opening of the Earth Now exhibition in the museum will be an online prologue in fall 2010. The Earth Now site will be designed to invite visitors to join a lively conversation with the twelve contemporary photographers featured in the online exhibition. Other artists, invited commentators, prominent environmental and conservation activists, and the curator will also be contributing, and video podcast interviews will be on the site. Artist interviews, music, reading lists, e-links, and more will also be found on the Earth Now site. The online exhibition - a living ecosystem itself - will remain active through August 28, 2011 (and beyond) as new material from ongoing Earth Now public programming is recorded and added.
The example set by Adams and Porter provoked a range of strong responses by younger landscape photographers, especially in the context of a growing environmental movement beginning in the 1970s. Some followed a similar path to Adams and Porter while others forged a new more activist direction, among them Robert Adams, Robert Glenn Ketchum, Mark Klett, and Richard Misrach. Having set the stage with these important masters, Earth Now continues with a large section of new work from the beginning of the twenty-first century. This selection of photographs by approximately twenty American artists shows how a range of contemporary landscape photographers are responding now to some of the most pressing  environmental issues of our time, such as energy consumption, changing agricultural practices, toxic waste, and the human relationship to animals, and to the land.  While many of these artists are working in New Mexico and the western United States - including  Michael Berman, Joann Brennan, Dornith Doherty, Chris Enos, Greg Mac Gregor, Carlan Tapp, Victor Masayesva, and Sharon Stewart - others represent cities ranging from Seattle to New York and San Francisco to Atlanta. A highlight of the show will be images from brand-new bodies of work by Subhankar Banerjee, Daniel Handal, Brad Temkin, and Phil Underwood.
Commenting on the online preview and upcoming exhibition, New Mexico Museum of Art Curator of Photography Katherine Ware said, “I am interested in exploring how artists and their work function in relation to current events, in helping us make sense of the world around us, reinforcing humanistic values, and provoking questions rather than offering answers. These images require the participation of viewers who are engaged by them and continue the conversation.”
Visitors to the Earth Now online exhibition are invited to view the site, the website of Explore, a direct charitable activity of the Annenberg Foundation led by Annenberg Foundation Vice President and Director, Charles Annenberg Weingarten. The Annenberg Foundation is pleased to note that the educational, tax-exempt purposes of Explore align closely with those of the Earth Now online exhibition.
A selection of high resolution images from both the online and gallery exhibition may be accessed here.
Artists included in the Earth Now online exhibition:
Ansel Adams - Images of Kings Canyon and Yosemite National Park in California; Alaska
Eliot Porter -- Landscapes made on the east coast and at Glen Canyon
Subhankar Banerjee - Where I Live, I Hope to Know, from a study of his neighborhood outside Santa Fe, New Mexico
Bremner Benedict - Selections from Gridlines, a series on the power towers that often dominate the American landscape
Joann Brennan - A trio of images from her extended series Imagining Eden about scientists who are working on how people and animals can better co-exist
Dornith Doherty - Two large-scale pieces from Archiving Eden, a series of work made with x-rays at master seed banks
Daniel Handal - Images from his new series From Forest to Field, about young farmers in New York’s Hudson Valley region
Beth Lilly - Monsters, a view of the resilience and adaptability of urban trees
Brook Reynolds - Her recent series Light, Sweet Crude examines the American appetite for oil
Sharon Stewart - Excerpts from the long-term series Agua es Vida: A Village Life Portrait on community life and acequia-based agriculture in El Cerrito, New Mexico
Carlan Tapp - Part of his body of work Question of Power, about the human costs of coal use in the United States, taken at the Navajo Nation in the Four Corners region
Brad Temkin - Initial work from a new series on greenscaping, Rooftop, showing gardens thriving atop Chicago’s civic buildings
Artists included in the gallery exhibition
Ansel Adams
Robert Adams
Subhankar Banerjee
Bremner Benedict
Michael P. Berman
Joann Brennan
Suzette Bross
Sarah Charlesworth
Christine Chin
Dornith Doherty
Chris Enos
Terry Evans
Daniel Handal
Robert Glenn Ketchum
Mark Klett
Beth Lilly
Greg Mac Gregor
Victor Masayesva Jr.
Brad Moore
Matthew Moore
Richard Misrach
David Maisel
Patrick Nagatani
Bill Owens
Eliot Porter
Brook Reynolds
Laurel Schultz
Christina Seely
Sharon Stewart
Carlan Tapp
Brad Temkin
Robert Toedter
Sonja Thomsen
Phil Underwood

Media Contacts
Katherine Ware, Curator of Photography

Steve Cantrell, PR Manager
505-310-3539 - cell


The New Mexico Museum of Art was founded in 1917 as the Art Gallery of the Museum of New Mexico. Housed in a spectacular Pueblo Revival building designed by I. H. and William M. Rapp, it was based on their New Mexico building at the Panama-California Exposition (1915). The museum's architecture inaugurated what has come to be known as "Santa Fe Style." For nearly 100 years, the Museum has celebrated the diversity of the visual arts and the legacy of New Mexico as a cultural crossroads by collecting and exhibiting work by leading artists from New Mexico and elsewhere. This tradition continues today with a wide-array of exhibitions with work from the world’s leading artists. The New Mexico Museum of Art brings the art of New Mexico to the world and the art of the world to New Mexico.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Isa Leshko's Thrills and Chills at Houston Arts Alliance


Isa Leshko Thrills & Chills
On view at Houston Arts Alliance Gallery from October 14 – December 31, 2010
Opening reception: October 14, 6 - 8 p.m. 3201 Allen Parkway, Houston, TX 77019

HOUSTON, TX - Houston Arts Alliance is proud to announce Isa Leshko's first solo exhibition in Houston, Thrills & Chills. The show consists of black and white images that “explore the fantastic and sinister place” amusement rides hold in Leshko’s imagination. The images were taken at boardwalks, parks, and county fairs throughout New England, the New Jersey shore, and Ohio.

Opening Reception for the exhibition at Houston Arts Alliance Gallery, 3201 Allen Parkway, Houston, TX on Thursday, October 14, 6 - 8 p.m. This exhibition is accompanied by a limited edition catalog (ISBN: 978-0-615- 35421-7) that will be available for purchase at the reception.

About her work, Leshko writes:
Amusement park rides terrify me, which is why I began photographing them. I am fascinated by what compels people to surrender themselves to these mechanical beasts. The rides seem to challenge the very limitations of being human. We can’t fly; yet these vertigo-inducing machines allow us to soar through the open air. The experience combines elation with fear; thrills with chills.... With some of these images, I suspend disbelief and embrace the underlying fantasies of these rides. With other images, I examine the tensions that exist between fantasy and reality. I am interested in exploring the range of emotions—from anger to shock to exultation—that people exhibit in pursuit of the amusement these rides are supposed to provide.

A smaller selection of these images was exhibited in April 2010 at the Griffin Museum of Photography near Boston, MA. In his review of the show, Boston Globe critic Mark Feeney wrote: “[Leshko’s images]...are very striking: sinister and funny and disorienting all at once.”

The Wave, 2010 Courtesy of the artist and John Cleary Gallery (Houston, TX)

Leshko created her images with an inexpensive plastic film camera called a Holga. This toy camera is stripped down to the bare essentials: it has one shutter speed for normal shooting and a “bulb” mode that allows the photographer to manually open and close the shutter. Its plastic lens has only one aperture. The camera is not light tight, so its back must be sealed with black tape to protect the film inside. The camera’s plastic lens distorts the scale of the rides, particularly when they are photographed against the open sky, lending the images a surreal feel. Leshko finds working with the Holga puts her in the mindset of being a passenger on these rides. “Working with such an imprecise and flawed camera is a frightening and liberating experience, akin to being on a roller coaster,” she states.

Leshko is a fine art photographer based in Houston, TX, represented by John Cleary Gallery (Houston, TX). She has exhibited her work extensively through the United States, including at the Griffin Museum of Photography (Winchester, MA), Gallery 339 (Philadelphia, PA), the Rayko Photo Center (San Francisco, CA), Newspace Center for Photography (Portland, OR), Photographic Resource Center (Boston, MA), and the Soho Photo Gallery (New York, NY). Earlier this year, the Boston Public Library recently purchased five prints from Thrills & Chills for their permanent collection. Leshko has received four Prix de la Photographie, Paris Awards and an honorable mention for Houston Center for Photography's 2010 Carol Crow Memorial Fellowship. Her work was also included in Portfolio Showcase Volume 4 that was published earlier this year by the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado. In addition, she was selected for the 2010 Review Santa Fe portfolio review and is a 2010 Finalist in the highly competitive Critical Mass competition. Her work is under consideration for acquisition by the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and currently part of the Photo Forum exhibit at the museum. This series was also featured in Issue 12 of Fraction Magazine. For more info, please visit:

About HAA
The Houston Arts Alliance (HAA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization. The mission is to support and promote artistic life in the Houston region through programs, initiatives and alliances. Advancing the nonprofit arts industry in Greater Houston improves the region's quality of life, ensures a competitive economy, and creates an appealing tourist destination. As one of the country's fastest growing cities and the world's energy capital, Houston is now a center for art of extraordinary caliber and diversity.
However, as a comparatively new city, Houston has not yet achieved national recognition as a cultural destination. Through alliances with business, education, tourism and arts leadership, HAA is charged with elevating the visibility of the arts in Houston, increasing audiences, and promoting regional cultural tourism. HAA is also charged with promoting Houston as an arts capital, thereby increasing tourism to Houston and affirming Houston's growing reputation for quality of life.

About the Houston Center for Photography
HCP's mission is to increase society's understanding and appreciation of photography and its evolving role in contemporary culture. HCP strives to encourage artists, build audiences, stimulate dialogue, and promote inquiry about photography and related media through education, exhibitions, publications, fellowship programs, and community collaboration. HCP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving as a resource to its members and the community with programs that have regional and national impact.

About John Cleary Gallery
John Cleary Gallery was established in 1996, in its current location on Gallery Row by long time photography and rare book collector, John Cleary. In the last 14 years, the gallery has evolved into the premier destination for fine art photography in Houston.

Friday, October 8, 2010

New Orleans Photo Alliance presents PhotoNOLA

The New Orleans Photo Alliance presents:
PhotoNOLA 2010
The Fifth Annual Festival of Photography in New Orleans
December 2-11, 2010

(New Orleans, Louisiana)  PhotoNOLA is an annual festival of photography in New Orleans, coordinated by the New Orleans Photo Alliance (NOPA) in partnership with galleries, museums and other venues citywide. The fifth annual festival takes place December 2-11, 2010 with broad ranging photography exhibitions on display throughout the month.
PhotoNOLA festivities will kick off with French Quarter openings and a Slideluck Potshow on Thursday, December 2.  An Education Day on December 3 will offer a Focus on Publishing symposium featuring Mary Virginia Swanson and other experts in the field of contemporary photography book publishing.  Also that evening, The Historic New Orleans Collection will host a multi-artist book-signing event including Sylvia Plachy and Dave Anderson, immediately followed by our keynote presentation by Michael Kenna. 

PhotoNOLA’s portfolio reviews, with a national cast of more than 20 curators, editors and gallerists, takes place Dec 4-5.  Saturday evening’s PhotoWALK will feature the work of our review participants offering the public a peek at 65 rising photographers from across the country.  More than 20 exhibition opening receptions will take place 6-9pm that night followed by the PhotoGALA Benefit Party & Auction at The Big Top, a fundraiser for the New Orleans Photo Alliance.  The evening of Sunday, December 5 includes cocktail receptions, among them a one night only exhibit of Lori Vrba’s “Piano Farm.”

NOPA’s Six Shooters program on Monday, December 6 will feature six photographers in a panel discussion moderated by Dan Cameron.  Other weeknight events feature Jonathan Traviesa, Kathleen Robbins and Priya Kambli.  Although many exhibitions continue throughout the month, the festival wraps up on Saturday, December 11 with an afternoon presentation by Stephen Wilkes that is sponsored by Canon.  Art openings in the St. Claude Arts District and Bywater will follow, including an open studio with internationally acclaimed photographer Josephine Sacabo.

During the Festival, exhibitions will feature work by Michael Kenna, Sebastiao Salgado, David Halliday, Priya Kambli, Jessica Ingram, Walker Evans, Letitia Huckaby, and many others.  Workshops, gallery talks, and lectures are also included in the lineup.  Most events are free and open to the public.

For more information please see  High resolution images for use in publications are available by sending an email to

About the New Orleans Photo Alliance:

The New Orleans Photo Alliance ( is comprised of a diverse group of photographers who joined forces in 2006 to create unity and opportunity for photographers in the Gulf South.  It is a volunteer run 501(c)(3) nonprofit, which currently includes more than 400 members from across Louisiana and the United States.  Since its inception, the New Orleans Photo Alliance has sponsored numerous photographic exhibitions, workshops, and educational programs including PhotoNOLA, the annual photography festival in New Orleans.  NOPA administers two $5000 annual awards; The Michael P. Smith Fund For Documentary Photography and the Clarence John Laughlin Award.

New Orleans Photo Alliance
1111 St. Mary St.
NOLA 70130
Gallery Hours:
Sat & Sun 12-4
or by appointment

Monday, October 4, 2010

Project Basho's Onward Competiton

Fraction Magazine is a sponsor of Project Basho's Onward 2011 Competition.  This years judge is Larry Fink.

From the Onward website:
Project Basho is pleased to announce ONWARD ‘11, an annual juried photography competition exclusively featuring the work of emerging photographers. ONWARD focuses on new work that continues to push the medium. With ONWARD, photographers have the opportunity to present their vision and talent to a broad audience. Through our partnerships with other photography organizations, photographers will have the chance to foster and grow a vibrant and rich photography community. There is no specific theme for ONWARD and submissions are open to any photographic medium from historical processes to new digital technologies.

Be sure to check out last years winners.

You can submit until November 19.  All the details at

Thank you Fraction supporters

Thanks to Paul at Panopticon Imaging and Eric at Digital Silver Imaging for supporting Fraction Magazine, by purchasing ad space in the bi-monthly email blast.

Each of these companies is offering a discount to first time, Fraction readers.  Click below to get the details.

The original email is here...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

From the Griffin

Very nice of Swannie to provide these

Swannie and Me

Holly Lynton, Ellen Rennard, Me, Suzanne Revy, Meg Birnbaum

Friday, October 1, 2010

With Sincere Gratitude

Last weekend, I had the honor of receiving the Rising Star Award from the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester MA.  The award was presented to me by my good friend and mentor, Mary Virginia Swanson.  Everything, from the time I was told about this, was perfect, from the airline arrangements to the amazing hotel, to the fabulous ceremony and party.  The Griffin is a first rate, first class institution.

With that being said, I would like to thank a few people:

Paula Tognarelli, thank you for your kindness and generosity for understanding my vision and place in the world.

Swannie, thank you for being the person who presented the award, thank you for all of the kind words and mostly, thank you for the challenge you presented to me.

Lou Jones, thank you for being the perfect MC, the new friendship and for a great night out in Boston.

Banafsheh Ehtemam, thanks for being my guide and taxi around Boston and thanks for spending time with me.

And thanks to the Griffin Museum's Board of Directors and to those who voted for Fraction.

I am sincerely grateful to all of you.

Thank you!